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Transform Your Life with this One Thing Today thumbnail

Are you familiar with the gut-brain connection? Meaning, our gut-health (the ease with which our digestive system works) is directly related to our immune system capabilities, and directly related to how we feel mentally and emotionally. I’ve found after working with hundreds of clients in the last 10 years that you can change your diet… Read more

How to Build Confidence in Life and Business thumbnail

I’ve been teaching and coaching women for years now.Many of them take what they learn from me and build successful lives, profitable businesses. Afraid of What People will Think or Say? Some of them struggle – they have all they need to be successful, yet something’s holding them back. They’ll tell me they feel unconfident… Read more

If You Drink Raw Milk, You’ll Want to Know This. thumbnail

If raw milk is good for you, then raw milk kefir is magic! Alright, I may have fibbed a bit – kefir isn’t magic, it’s science!! But it sure seems magic from all of the health recovery stories I hear from customers sharing in our farm store. Acid reflux – gone! Colitis – disappears! I… Read more

3 Quick & Easy Kefir Smoothie Recipes thumbnail

*Full disclosure* The first time I made homemade raw milk kefir I was sure it would poison me – it smelled like old beer mixed with moldy cheese. Bleh!! But I’ve since learned that the smellier kefir is, the more probiotics it has, and now I never go a day without drinking a big glass of… Read more

4 Gut-Healing Benefits of Raw Milk thumbnail

BRAND NEW! Have you heard my new top-rated podcast, The Profitable Mindset? It’s brand new this year with so many more episodes to come. Tune in, subscribe, and get ready to finally heal your body, your mind, and live that life you’ve only dreamed of! People are usually surprised when they hear raw milk can… Read more

Raw Milk vs Pasteurized: What’s the difference? thumbnail

If you google ‘raw milk’ you’ll get hundreds of articles claiming that it’s is a killer, and any mother who gives her child raw milk is completely irresponsible. You’ll be left feeling terrified of raw milk, confused about our food system, and scared to go near anybody who drinks their milk raw – and that’s… Read more

How to Easily & Quickly Peel Farm Fresh Hard-Boiled Eggs thumbnail

BRAND NEW! Have you heard my new top-rated podcast: The Profitable Mindset? If you’re a business owner, tune in – it’s JUST the beginning. There’s so much more to come on how to create the life and business you LOVE, that’s you’ve only dreamed of ’til now. Back to eggs – you know farm fresh… Read more

Simply Perfect Quiche Recipe thumbnail

Last weekend we skipped over to Astoria for the night to celebrate my husband’s birthday, perfect timing since the power was out here at the farm and we had no lights, no heat, no water. Just a dark outhouse :| Hayden told me we had to eat at Astoria’s 14th St. Cafe and order the quiche… Read more

Food allergies. Eczema. Asthma. Anxiety. Tummy troubles. Thyroid problems. Fatigue. You have supplements for one issue, see a naturopath for another problem, but then get conflicting information from your chiropractor. Any meal is stressful, wondering if you’re doing the right thing or just making your problems worse. At the end of the day, you fall… Read more

You’ll be inspired by this customer’s healing story. thumbnail

“I feel guilty.” How often do you say that?  Or feel it? If you’re like me – multiple times a day!! It starts out with guilt that I didn’t work out… or, if I did, I feel guilty for spending time on myself instead of doing that extra math session with my daughter. Or feeling… Read more

Get my Video Training free: ‘How to Feel Better’ and start transforming your life today.
Yes, please!