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Charlotte Smith

It can be a struggle to find the solution that will help you and your family live your best life possible. Maybe acid reflux or regular upset tummies, eczema, auto-immune disease are holding you back in life.

So many medical doctors are FINALLY recommending their patients go find real food to heal what their meds are no longer able to help.

I have people sent to me regularly, finally, after all these years, from area hospitals where the doc said you need to heal your gut for you to start feeling better.

I help put people who are struggling with physical and mental pain in touch with practices that heals their body + mind.

I believe that by changing your diet and your thinking you can improve your health significantly, or achieve what’s called “perfect immunity” in some cases.

This belief is evidenced every day by my clients and their healing stories.

About 15 years ago I had a health crisis in my family  — doctors could not help so when I started researching I was led to the idea of “food as medicine” and evidence that changing our diet would help.

After finding raw milk my kids were completely healed and now, moving forward, none of us has been ill or visited a doctor for any sort of infection since – in 15 years!

I started researching why and how this happened and now teach others the same practices.

When most clients found instant relief from moving from a processed food diet to a real-food diet, a certain percentage would not experience a complete recovery.

Until I discovered the missing link – the connection between the mind and gut is so strong, that your out of balance gut affects your thinking, and if your thoughts are out of balance and you’re not managing them, your gut (and your immunity) are severely affected.

Today I’ve committed my life to making it possible for others to achieve the same level of good health we did.

I teach and coach women on how to feel better and to truly feel physically and mentally AMAZING by incorporating a diet of real food into their daily life AND by learning how to manage their thoughts so the daily stress and anxiety lessens or disappears.

Email info@champoegcreamery.com for coaching and classes.

Charlotte xoxo

Get my Video Training free: ‘How to Feel Better’ and start transforming your life today.
Yes, please!