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Raw Milk vs Pasteurized: What’s the difference?

If you google ‘raw milk’ you’ll get hundreds of articles claiming that it’s is a killer, and any mother who gives her child raw milk is completely irresponsible.

You’ll be left feeling terrified of raw milk, confused about our food system, and scared to go near anybody who drinks their milk raw – and that’s exactly how Big Ag wants you to feel.

The multi-billion dollar dairy industry has a lot invested in keeping milk pasteurized, but there’s growing number of people who are taking their health into their own hands and seeking out fresh, raw milk straight from the cow.

How did pasteurization start in the first place?

Like a lot of things, pasteurization started with good intentions and saved millions of lives in the early 1900’s.

Back then, we still didn’t understand how germs caused disease, and infectious diseases like Tuberculosis and Pneumonia were some of the leading causes of death.

When cities started growing rapidly with the onset of the Industrial Revolution, farmers had to figure out a way to feed millions of people concentrated in the cities, and their solution was to cram thousands of cows into feedlots and feed them

People had no understanding of sanitation (so you know, getting some cow manure in a bucket of milk was no big deal), the cows were fed spent grains from breweries and chicken feces from other feedlot farms, and workers didn’t have the ability to chill milk properly to prevent harmful bacteria from growing.

Milk in those days was killing people – the death rate among children under five was 50%!  So pasteurization was implemented and drastically reduced diseases caused by raw milk.

But today, we have the skills and knowledge to do what it takes to produce SAFE raw milk each and every time.

We are aware that germs are bad. We know how to keep cows healthy by feeding them their natural diet instead of (literal) crap. We know how to handle raw milk correctly to prevent contamination.

Yet billions of dollars are invested in government dairy lobbyists and Big Ag, so while big improvements are being made in the raw milk world, we’re still in the minority.

What’s so great about raw milk?

My family is a big believer in raw milk – in fact, after raw milk healed my kid’s eczema over ten years ago, I got my own milk cows and started our raw milk dairy here in Oregon!

For the last several years, I’ve met with hundreds of customers who started drinking our raw milk to heal any number of health problems.

The most common recoveries we hear are digestive issues – IBS, colitis, Crohn’s, acid reflux, cramping, bloating, diarrhea, constipation.

There are scientific reasons why raw milk is so much healthier than pasteurized, no matter what the government wants to tell you.

But when it comes down to it, it’s up to you to make an informed decision by researching the facts, talking with local farmers and friends who have drunk raw milk, and talking with your family.

Raw Milk has more Probiotics

A glass of raw milk has millions more than beneficial bacteria and yeasts than you can get in a probiotic pill. And, the probiotics found in milk are alive, whereas they’re dead in pill form!

Pasteurization destroys all bacteria, that’s the point. Yet it kills both the bad and the GOOD guys – when a farmer takes care of their cows and has a safety plan in place, then the raw milk she produces doesn’t have harmful bacteria that will make you sick.

Plus – raw milk contains special sugars called PREbiotics. These are specific sugars that PRObiotics like to eat. So by drinking raw milk, you’re feeding the good bacteria living in your gut! (Still not sure how probiotics work? My microbiologist-daughter wrote an excellent article on them)

No lactose intolerance

Nearly everybody who drinks raw milk can drink it without any issues with the lactose or casein. That’s because pasteurization destroys our body’s ability to digest the proteins and sugars naturally found in milk. It warps them, so our body doesn’t recognize them, and we go on attack mode, causing tummy upsets or severe reactions.

Today, pasteurized milk tops the list of food intolerances, but making the switch to raw usually resolves any of these digestion issues.

Raw Milk has More Enzymes

Pasteurization destroys enzymes. Enzymes are needed for every chemical reaction in our body – especially when it comes to digesting our food.

Hmmm…seems like there could be an issue if we’re not getting enzymes from our food, right?

Yes! For example, to absorb iron efficiently, we need an enzyme called lactoferrin. Pasteurized milk does not contain lactoferrin, yet raw does.

So if you’re anemic, you’re not going to get any better by just taking iron supplements. You also need to be eating food with the lactoferrin enzyme, so your body can completely absorb the iron.

Raw Milk has More Nutrition

Healthy cows produce healthy milk. Seems simple.

If you visited a typical dairy, you’d immediately see that those cows are far from healthy.

The average dairy crams thousands of cows into unsanitary feedlots. They’re fed scraps from other feedlots, manufacturing plants, and warehouses – including chicken feces, expired sweets, candy, gum, and all sorts of other things (because it’s cheaper to feed them leftovers than real food).

How can these cows produce nutritious milk if they are so depleted of nutrition that they have to be pumped full of antibiotics & hormones just to stay alive?

Buying raw milk usually means you have to seek out a local farmer and you have the chance to meet the farmer, see the cows, and ask questions about how the cows are raised.

Drinking raw milk brings you closer to your food

It makes you stop and think about where your food comes from and how it got into your kitchen.

It’s an opportunity for us to question the ethics of Big Ag and ask ourselves, who has my family’s best interests in mind? A multi-billion dollar corporation, or me? Who has the right to say that I can or cannot choose what to feed my family?

Raw milk can be the answer to your health struggles. It can give your body what it needs to nourish itself, heal itself, and repair years of damage caused by unhealthy foods.

How to get Raw Milk

If you’re looking to make the switch from pasteurized to raw, we’d love to have you out to our farm! We’re located about half an hour south of Portland, close to Newberg, and have lots of raw milk available now.

Click here to learn more & get our Farm Store Hours!


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  • Robin Males June 22, 2017, 11:35 am

    Wow such a beautiful and clear explanation of what I believe everyone show know about health, food quality, and responsibility to ourselves and the environment.

    People would definitely benefit if the just took some time to get informed about why they are getting so sick by what foods or non foods (like pasteurized milk) they are eating. It’s a matter of choice. Do you want your family to thrive, be healthy and happy or do you want to give up your future to some criminal corporations who never had your interests written into or as part of their business plan. Big Ag has got to go. It is an obsolete perverted system, and they are holding on for dear life and spending billions of special interest lobby money to bribe the decision makers to keep this deception going.

    I for one love raw milk and would love to see that it got legalized in my home state. This fear mongering has got to stop and people must wake up to the fact that they are being lied to.

  • Nina Mityuk May 25, 2019, 3:05 am

    That’s awesome! Do you have raw goats milk as well?

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