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Is Leaky Gut the Cause of your Allergies, Asthma, Eczema, Anxiety, and more?

Food allergies. Eczema. Asthma. Anxiety. Tummy troubles. Thyroid problems. Fatigue.

You have supplements for one issue, see a naturopath for another problem, but then get conflicting information from your chiropractor.

Any meal is stressful, wondering if you’re doing the right thing or just making your problems worse.

At the end of the day, you fall into bed exhausted, only to do it all over again the next day.

Sometimes you’re just ready to give up because if you feel terrible eating a supposedly ‘healthy’ diet, so you might as well go back to eating gluten and dairy and eggs and all the foods you love!!

Focus your health efforts

Instead of spreading yourself thin trying all sorts of natural remedies and experimenting with different diets, focus all of your health efforts on healing one thing. Your gut.

Leaky gut – have you heard of it?

For this topic I brought on my daughter, Hayden, who’s an expert in all things related to gut-health.

Coming out to the Farm Store when Hayden’s there is like having your own personal nutritionist!! She’s working on her Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition and has a background in Molecular Biology so she can get to the root cause of your health issues.

Watch the video for an in-depth discussion on WHY you’re struggling with health problems plus which foods you can start using to heal

This video was originally recorded LIVE in our private Facebook group – Real Food, Real Women.

Click here to join us for more videos like this, plus support from tons of women just like you!

What to avoid if you’re struggling with health issues

  • Conventional meat: meat from (unhappy) animals raised on feedlots (which can include meat labeled ‘grass-fed’ in the grocery store) is full of nasty chemicals and byproducts that will cause food allergies and reactions
  • GMO’s/corn/soy: This is a more obvious one but it can hide in so many places – avoid animal products raised conventionally in feedlots because you’ll have more reactions to their meat
  • Grains: Yep, it’s not just gluten that’s the culprit. Most grains are so highly processed that our bodies have such a hard time digesting them that it causes severe irritations in the gut

Top Gut-Healing Foods

  • Probiotics: fermented foods like sauerkraut + kefir will rebuild your gut faster (and cheaper) & more thoroughly than probiotic pills
  • Healthy fats & Cholesterol: lard, fat from grass-fed meat, and coconut oil will fight inflammation in your gut
  • Amino acids + Omega 3’s: found in bone broth and pastured animal products, these will help restore gut health so you can recover

So watch the video, forward to your friends, and maybe we’ll see you in our farm store so we can get to know you even more!!

XO Charlotte and Hayden

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Get my Video Training free: ‘How to Feel Better’ and start transforming your life today.
Yes, please!