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You’ll be inspired by this customer’s healing story.

“I feel guilty.”

How often do you say that?  Or feel it?

If you’re like me – multiple times a day!!

It starts out with guilt that I didn’t work out… or, if I did, I feel guilty for spending time on myself instead of doing that extra math session with my daughter. Or feeling guilty for feeding my family leftovers for the 3rd night in a row… or, guilty for wasting leftovers!

Boy, we just can’t get away from it!!

It’s almost like this society we live in sets us ladies up to feel guilty.
I’m sure it’s a big conspiracy – “let’s make the ladies feel guilty so they always say yes to everything!!”

Okay, I know, my husband the counselor would say it’s not a conspiracy and I’m the one in charge of managing that feeling.

But I still have to work on it each and every day and I know that you also want to stop feeling this overwhelming pressure to be perfect.

Well – do I have a super inspirational video for you that will help alleviate those feelings of guilt that we somehow have wrongly embraced as an expected part of life.

Say “NO” to guilt

In today’s video Courtney explains her strategy for stopping guilt in its tracks – so profound it brought Hayden to tears in the interview.

We met Courtney at the Farm Store for the first time several months ago.  Feeling desperate and overwhelmed, she handed us a long list of foods that she was allergic to and it was all the so called “healthy” foods she was eating!

We’re used to talking with women who get tested for food allergies and nearly everyone who walks in the Farm Store has some food they avoid, whether it’s gluten, eggs, pasteurized dairy, nuts, etc.

That’s why I started the farm in the first place – my kids had a growing list of food intolerances and I knew the only way to be 100% sure they wouldn’t react to food was to grow it myself – the RIGHT way.

Help – I’m allergic to everything!

But when Courtney’s chiropractor ordered the allergy tests, he was in complete shock. It was normal for people to be allergic to 2-3 items and it was easy to eliminate them from their diet.

But Courtney was different.  Nearly every single food that made up her normal diet was on that list of foods she couldn’t eat anymore.

“Neither one of us were prepared for the results…All the foods that were supposed to be good for me were actually making me sick.”

I cannot imagine going through what Courtney experienced – she immediately went home from the chiropractor and got rid of almost every food item in her kitchen.

It was an emotional rollercoaster – she was grateful to have finally made the connection between food and her health problems, but had absolutely no idea what to eat or what to do next.  Luckily, this is where we stepped in.

We were so inspired and couldn’t wait to sit down with Courtney and hear her full story of recovery and healing since her first visit to our farm store.

You’ll hear in the video, but she’s had to cut out so many foods from her diet that she’s mostly only eating bone broth and pure, farm fresh meat to heal her gut and cure her allergies.

“Since I started eating this way I’ve never been sick, I feel amazing and I’m sleeping better and I lost 20 lbs without trying.”

Watch the video the whole way through – then watch it again and take notes!! It’s going to be something I come back to over and over again because she is such an amazing role model.

Not only has she changed her diet and is recovering from tremendous health issues, but she’s striving for peace and happiness in every aspect of her life.

What Can You Do Now?

First, know there’s hope.  When you change your mind to believe you can heal, that starts the process so you can look for ways to change what isn’t working.

Second, knowing that when women need help and knowledge they turn to each other, make a visit out to our Farm Store.  Whether it’s Hayden, our expert nutritionist, or Christie or Jenny, each one of them can get you started with some simple bone broth or kefir or other foods which start that healing for you.

Do you know another woman – friend, mother, sister – who needs to hear this? Send them this post because women supporting women is the most powerful statement you can make today.

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  • Ricci Hatch March 15, 2017, 5:30 pm

    This is such an AMAZING video and conversation! I was drinking my bone broth while watching it, and then had to grab a tissue when she talked about Labadee, her special time for herself. We all need that down time and restoration!

    Thank you so much!

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Get my Video Training free: ‘How to Feel Better’ and start transforming your life today.
Yes, please!