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Can’t get raw milk? The next best way to get probiotics in your diet!

With our raw milk wait list growing daily and demand not letting up, I wanted to offer up another solution for getting more probiotics in your diet.

(Remember, probiotics do fun things like heal your eczema, stop your bloating, help you lose weight, cure your acid reflux and colitis, improve diabetes – and so much more…  And they’re transient which means you need to be eating them daily or they all just pass through you!)

Since we aren’t legally allowed to sell any more raw milk than we currently are, we found a great source of probiotics for you — for the last 6 months we’ve been selling fermented veggies and I just have to share with you because this particular brand has the most amazing flavors (as well as an abundance of those little guys that do all the  healing work!)

Introducing OlyKraut, a new addition to the farm store

OlyKraut, based in Olympia, Washington, has been traditionally preparing fermented veggies since 2008 and we are absolutely in love with them!! They buy from local farmers and they never use plastic or vinegar – it’s a completely natural fermentation process that produces a beautiful probiotic-packed kraut.

Why do I keep pumping the probiotics????

If you have digestive problems you will NOT eliminate them until you improve the balance of beneficial and disease causing bacteria that is in your gut.  One of the most beneficial ways to do this is by eating traditional fermented foods rich in lactic acid–producing bacteria. These bacteria are what naturally make milk products go sour and vegetables ferment.

But why not just take a pill full of probiotics?

Ah so many reasons!!  In order to make the pills the probiotics have been singled out and processed at a high temp, destroying the majority of them.  Probiotics need a food source to survive and be carried through the stomach acid to the intestines where they live.  So if there are any beneficial bacteria left in the pills those are mostly destroyed in your stomach acid.

Probiotic pills are super expensive.  Fermented veggies and of course kefir from raw milk is far less expensive and many, many times more effective.

“This stuff is addiction!!”

Diane Wood comes out every Saturday to stock up on her milk, eggs and ground beef for the week and now we’ve got her hooked on the Smoke & Kale kraut! (we love you Diane! 🙂 )

Are you a kraut-newbie? Try the Eastern European – it’s flavored with garlic, onion, carrot and caraway. My favorite flavor is the Spicy Garlic and I love eating it with my eggs for breakfast every morning or as a side to my steak or pork chop for dinner!!

3 Unique Ways to use OlyKraut

  1. Make a Pad Thai sauce
    Mix a a scoop of the Spicy Garlic kraut with a scoop of peanut butter – a super easy and delicious way to make homemade pad thai.
  2. Make a yogurt dip
    For double the probiotics, mix a scoop of kraut in a bowl of yogurt. Dip veggies in it or even mix it with shredded chicken for a quick chicken salad!
  3. Add a kick to your salad
    Every lunch hour I sprinkle the kraut on my salad or on roasted veggies – it gives it a tangy, probiotic punch + helps you digest the vegetables better.

All the flavors are $10 each and kraut brines (great for healing that acid reflux) are $8.  Stop in for a taste anytime we are open, open days/times click right here:  farm-store

Are you so cutting edge you’re already eating fermented veggies?  If so, what’s your favorite way to eat them?   Plain, or do you have a quick recipe to share in the comments below??? I’m always looking for new ideas to sneak them in our meals!!

Thank you so much for reading and sharing!!

Much love,


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Get Champoeg Creamery’s Magazine, ‘Raw Milk: A Love Story’, for free + recipes and healing stories from the farm!
Yes, please!