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How to Revive your Kefir Grain

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If you’re here because you’re a raw milk producer or just love raw milk… 

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So much more to come on how to heal and finally live that life you’ve only dreamed of.

If a miracle food exists, it’s kefir.

And I’m not even legally allowed to sell it!!   (store-bought kefir is no substitute, BTW)

But what I can do is get you a kefir grain, teach you to make your own, then add your healing stories to our repertoire.

As my kefir grain grows you’ll find one here and there for sale in our farm store. Or, if you know someone making kefir ask them if you can have a chunk of it to get started.  This will be life changing for you (keep reading to find out why!).

When you do bring home your kefir grain it will need to be ‘revived’. The living probiotics naturally found in the grain have gone dormant since it’s been sitting in a cold refrigerator. Kefir grains only like to grow in warm temperatures, so you might pull your kefir grain straight outta the fridge, pop it in a jar of milk, and get worried when it doesn’t thicken up to the creamy kefir you’re used to.

If you don’t follow the steps to revive your kefir grain, you may think you’ve killed it. But please don’t throw your grain out!!

You just need to spend a few days reviving your grain, bringing it back to life after its long rest in the refrigerator.

I’ve prepared a download with instructions on how to revive your kefir grain in a 3 day process. Just click the blue link below to print off your instructions to have handy as you revive your grain:

Click Here to Download the 3 Steps to Revive your Kefir Grain!

When I started my raw milk dairy 10 years ago, the quickest health recovery stories I heard then and still today are when our customers add a daily dose of kefir to their diet made from a heritage kefir grain and raw milk.

Research studies that show how and why kefir prevents and can heal cancer.  Other studies showing kefir produces antibiotics that fight pathogens in our body.  And so many more!

And here are some healthy kefir grains, then read on for the FAQ’s:

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Kefir Grain FAQ’s

  1.  Will it ever go bad/How long does it last?
    Kefir grains last forever if handled properly. When not using it store it in your refrigerator and then use this download to revive it each time. You will destroy it if you heat it to 130 degrees or higher. 
  2. How much do I have to drink to notice health benefits?
    Many customers report health benefits on just 1/2 cup per day.  You can’t drink too much – if you find your body is craving several cups a day that’s okay!
  3. Is it supposed to smell like that?
    Kefir smells sour, yeasty and even sometimes a bit vomitous.  Totally normal.  


Ginger’s Recovery from Ulcerative Colitis

Lastly, I promised you Ginger’s story I share with permission.

Ginger came to us in 2012 to find a kefir grain to help her son’s eczema and anxiety struggles.  She didn’t want to just force him to eat it alone, totally not fair, so she and her husband downed a glass with him daily.

Her son’s eczema and anxiety issues improved immensely.  What Ginger did not tell me at first was that she had suffered from ulcerative colitis for 25 years.  She’d been on 13 pills a day for those 25 years which helped some but she still suffered.

After just a couple months on raw milk kefir she began to get off her meds one by one.  Now, almost 4 years later she takes 2 pills per day (after 25 years of 13 per day!) and has not had a colitis flareup since she started drinking kefir.

Her life has improved immensely, as those of you with colitis (or who know someone with it) can attest to.  It causes terrible stress, pain and suffering and your quality of life is not nearly what it could be.

Imagine healing from such a debilitating illness like Ginger has.  Imagine how that will change your life – work, friendships, your partner in life, to wake up each day feeling great instead of weak and in pain.

This is what Ginger and so many others of you have experienced and shared with me over the years. I believe that everyone can recover a very strong immune system, perhaps even reaching perfect immunity like so many others have, and live an emotionally balanced life as well.  I believe this because I see and hear this every day in our farm store and in my email in box!!

So find a kefir grain, download the instructions on reviving it and share this blog post on facebook or email to your kids/parents/friends who need this info due to their health struggles.

Remember, if you’re at the NTA this weekend find me to say ‘hi!’

Much love,

xo Charlotte



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  • Toni Brock March 28, 2016, 4:19 pm

    Charlotte ~

    Thank you so much for all of the info you have shared. Invaluable! I especially LOVE the videos.
    I feel like I failed with my first attempt at making Kefir (it definitely didn’t taste like my sample taste of yours 🙂
    After watching your video, I feel I may be ready to try again.

    Thank you,

  • martha lee stice July 20, 2017, 4:06 pm

    Thank you for the info for how to revive kefir, I downloaded it so now I can always know how to,thanks a lot

  • Alina August 21, 2017, 9:08 pm

    How long will kefir grains last in fridge stored in milk (the milk is never changed)? How would I know that they are not good anymore?
    Thank you!

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