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cow-circle“Bubbles and Boots” Farm Tours

There is something so grounding about venturing out to the farm, meeting the animals, hiking across the fields, actually walking the same path my ancestors’ horse-drawn wagons rode generations ago.

We love giving our community the opportunity to see how the animals are raised. 

We are a working farm, so it’s  not all romance.

You will get:  Dirty. Smelly. Probably sweaty. 

Plan on 2 hours.

Twenty bucks per adult holds your spot. (if you forget to show you don’t get the twenty bucks back.  I know– I’m a toughie!! Gotta handle no-shows though, when I spend all week getting ready 🙂 )

Be prepared to walk about 1 mile, total, and up a hill, too.  (bright side: you can skip your gym workout that day!)

piggie-circleKids welcome — please, 1 adult per 2 kids!  Everyone will want to wear closed toed shoes though – – please no flip flops.  Cow pies feel horrible squishing up between your flip-flopped toes!! (yup, done that)

Champoeg Park is right across the road – bring your picnic and head there afterwards! It’s a beautiful walk along the Willamette River.

2016 Tour dates:

Saturday, September 17th

Reserve space for adults here:


# of people

If you head out to the farm by 9:00 AM Saturday, September 17th, we will start in the milking parlor and watch while Cecile is milked, you’ll help walk the cows out to pasture and see what makes their milk so special.

Then we will have some cool photo ops with the beef cows out in the pasture and move them to a fresh paddock. Next, trek up to the Pig Palace to visit the fragrant swine – our Spotted Polands, rooting for nuts and grubs.

The discussion is geared towards adults, addressing our pasture management practices which are so important in the quality of the milk and meat and how that affects your health. Kids will learn by watching, hearing, osmosis.

You will get just a little taste of the rhythms of farm life, what we do, worry about and immerse ourselves in daily.

You will drive and park at this address:  7358 Champoeg Rd. NE 

DO NOT DRIVE TO CHAMPOEG CREAMERY but rather the Farm Store. We walk to the milk barn, then end up back at the store.

Once you sign up you will be sent an email confirmation Monday prior.

Get the free guide: How to use Bone Broth to Heal + Delicious Recipes and Troubleshooting Tips!
Yes, please!