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Visit the Farm Store

Our Farm store, located in the historic Champoeg area is open at the times listed below. I would LOVE to meet you – we’ve got your meals taken care of!
It is a BEAUTIFUL drive out here. We hear this all the time from our customers driving from Portland or elsewhere. You will love it!

Historic Champoeg Region
7358 Champoeg Rd. NE
St. Paul, OR 97137

Monday 10am – 12pm
Tuesday 2pm – 6pm
Wednesday 10am – 2pm
Friday 10am – 2pm
Saturday 9am – 1pm

– About the Farm Store –

Welcome to our Farm Store located smack dab in the middle of Oregon’s wine country and right here on the farm
where all the animals are raised.

Overlooking our lush green pastures that nourish the cows, pigs and chickens, inside you will find the basics of a traditional foods healing diet with every product in our store raised right here on our 75 acres.

Maybe you or someone in your family is struggling with digestive discomfort, or you are an athlete on a quest for peak performance, or you are just trying to make sure your family is eating the healthiest meat, milk and eggs you can find anywhere.

Any which way, we commit our days to serving your family’s needs.

Come for a visit – yes, we have meat, eggs, fermented veggies, bone broth, raw milk (on occasion) and eggs, but just as importantly we love to meet you and
hear how we can help serve you even better.

– What We Sell –


Many report a spiritual awakening after downing our pork products. All cuts available now including chops, tenderloin, roasts and of course, sausage, regular and nitrate-free bacon!


Chorizo, Italian, Spicy Italian and Unseasoned sausage links & ground are perfect to throw on the grill for a quick dinner or fry up with breakfast in the morning. Made from our hazelnut fed, GMO-free pastured pork!



Top Sirloin Steak, Filet Mignon, T-Bone, Rib EYE, these premium steaks, especially the filet, are perfect for that special night, dad’s day, b-day, or just to get your hubby’s mood right before he stumbles over that Anthropologie bag filled with your “just looking” splurge.


Tri Tip, Brisket, Top Round slow roasted all day in the crock means anyone who walks in your home will be impressed by your ingenuity and the ease and grace with which you get dinner on the table quickly.


product-groundbeefGROUND BEEF

Easily the most versatile product we provide — you should always have plenty to spare for those nights you feel totally and completely uninspired and have no intention of getting there. Grill it, loaf it, fry it up with some kale and sweet potatoes for the ultimate Paleo dinner without much effort. 1 lb. packages.

product-chickenPASTURED CHICKEN

The ultimate in buying bulk, one of our chickens will feed your family for two nights with the effort of only one.  Roast chicken the first night, lettuce wraps, enchiladas, or soup after that.  You’ll have enough time on the “leftovers” day to schedule that pedicure your toes are desperate for.  And the family still eats!



These tasty ferments come in all sorts of flavors so it’s easy to get your daily dose of gut-healing probiotics. Try the “Spring Nettle” or “Smoke & Kale” kraut on your favorite salad, or add the Spicy Garlic kraut to your next stir-fry.

product-bonesBONE BROTH

New in the farm store! Be the first to send your kids off to school with mugs of steaming, gut-healing bone broth. All your family’s tummy troubles will disappear with 1/2 cup of this gem daily.


product-milkRAW MILK

We just got a new cow and milk is flowing!! You may stop in during store hours to purchase and let us know if you want to be on our regularly weekly pickup.


This healthy fat made from our Pastured Pork will replace all your cooking oils! It has a mild, bacony taste that adds an amazing depth of flavor to any dish. Use it to saute vegetables, scramble eggs, and perfectly sear steak.


$8/dozen 100% pastured/gmo-free. The ultimate fast – food, our pastured eggs will get you from breakfast to lunch with not a craving in your belly!


Go on a Virtual Tour of the Farm Store!

Looking for connection, community & encouragement from real women with the same struggles as you – from healing yourself with real food to getting a healthy meal on the table everyday?

Click here to join our Private Facebook Group, “Real Food, Real Women”, for weekly videos, inspiration & encouragement!


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Get the free guide: How to use Bone Broth to Heal + Delicious Recipes and Troubleshooting Tips!
Yes, please!