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Farm Internship for 13-18 Year Olds

If they’ve ever shown an interest in animals and farming, or you want to get them off their phone and out of the house this summer, your teen will grow immensely learning what it’s like to live the rhythms of farm life, caring for animals and what it takes to grow your own food.

**Learn life skills such as how to find joy and satisfaction in hard work (not online!)
**Experience the fulfillment of serving the animals, land and our community
**Feel confident and strong and see how that helps you make great choices in life

Here’s the scoop:

13-18 yr olds (July 17-21) Monday – Friday
 July 17- July 21
Time:  8:00 AM – 3:00 PM  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Thursday Time:  6:00 AM – 1:00 PM (kids arrive early to take the chickens to the butcher)
Bring sack lunch daily.

This camp is intended for older kids who have an interest in farming.  Of course it will be fun, but it will be lots of work, too.  It will not be “fun-centered” like the 6-12 year old camp and instead will be focused on farming, production, economics, daily farm chores, personal development (a natural by-product) and the overall lifestyle a farmer leads.  Kids will work hard yet we find this is very fulfilling and they love it!

Camp is transferable but non-refundable, so choose wisely.
If you know you are ready to purchase, you may do so right here:

$325 for July 17-21  13-18 yr olds Preview of Intern Schedule:

Spend the day learning about the chickens and turkeys. Help load up and transport the baby turkeys out to their pasture to fatten up for Thanksgiving. Collect eggs (daily).  Feed & care for all poultry.
Home dairy day – Milk the cows first from start to finish, sanitizing the equipment, feeding, putting out to pasture, make butter & cheese after lunch.
Spend the day at the pig barn, clearing the pastures, building fence, weighing pigs, tagging ears.
Arrive at 6:00 AM to accompany Marc to the butcher with the chickens.  Help load/unload.  You do not have to witness the slaughter.  After the butcher is complete kids help load all chickens into refrigerated trailer to head back to Farm Store and weigh/price chickens for customers.  Enjoy breakfast out with Farmer Marc learning the economics of chicken farming.
Pop-up Farmer’s Market! Kids will harvest vegetables, package them & price for sale, pick flowers & arrange for sale, set up tables & our 4 teams will each be in charge of a table selling & helping customers with their purchases.


Email for more details: champoegcreamery@gmail.com

Remember, camp is transferable to another child if you need to, and non-refundable.


Your camp directors:

Marc Rott has multiple academic qualifications combined with a wide range of expertise and experience in the educational field and summer camp programs.  For 6 years he was director in charge of 60 campers and every aspect of their lives for the summer months.

Charlotte Smith, named one of the Top 25 Most Influential Women in the World in Food and Agriculture, is recognized in her industry as an educator in farming and nutrition and enjoys the aspect of farming that puts children (and adults) back in touch with process of producing and harvesting the food they eat.






Get Champoeg Creamery’s Magazine, ‘Raw Milk: A Love Story’, for free + recipes and healing stories from the farm!
Yes, please!