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Bulk Purchasing

Imagine how good it would feel to tell your friends, “no, really sorry I can’t make your kid’s grad party, gotta go pick up my “side ‘o beef” or “half a hawg.” 

Not only will you leave them feeling proud to have you in their circle of influence, when you’re eating your seven-dollar-and-fifty-cents-a-pound filet mignon and t-bone steak you’ll feel pretty darn smart yourself!


beef-circleYou have options when you purchase from our farm.  We sell beef by the individual cut and by the 1/4 or 1/2. 

The 1/4 or 1/2 beef is the most economical option, working out to be about $7.75-$8/pound for everything, after all expenses.

If this is your first time ordering beef bulk by the quarter or half, I will communicate with you through every step of the process so you understand it and are completely satisfied.

Beef Cost:

Due to Oregon law, we get there in this roundabout way:

  1. We reserve a 1/4 or 1/2 cow for you when your non-refundable deposit is paid.
  2. You pay me $4.75 a pound hanging weight
  3. You pay the butcher about $0.58 – $0.68/lb cut and wrap fees, plus a small ($25) kill fee when you pick up your beef.  (cut/wrap fee is about ten cents higher if we are shipping out of state, due to USDA inspection.)


The average 1/4 cow will weigh 175 +/- pounds hang weight depending on the size of the cow.  You will take home approximately 122 lbs. +/-  of meat,  depending on your cutting instructions. 

The hanging weight is after the cow has been killed and had the head, hooves, etc. removed and before it’s been cut up. 

The carcass is then hung to age 12-14 days and then cut. We will know the hanging weight around 10 days after the slaughter.

You will then be contacted with the hanging weight of your order at which time your balance is due, less the deposit.

After they have received the beef, the butcher will contact you to get your specific cut/wrap instructions. They very patiently walk through this with you so you get exactly what you want.

When your order is ready the butcher will call you to pick up. You pay the butcher their cut/wrap/kill fee.

Be sure to take 3-4 boxes or coolers – it’s frozen solid and will remain so until you arrive home.

This can be confusing your first time, so if you have any questions please email at champoegcreamery@gmail.com — we want it to be smooth and simple for you.

Due to the fact that by ordering 1/4 beef you are purchasing 1/4 of the whole cow by Oregon law, your deposit is non-refundable after 30 days prior to the slaughter.

Purchase Beef

1/4 Beef Deposit: $500 1/2 Beef Deposit: $1,000


Customers have reported spiritual awakenings after eating our pork.  If you’ve never tasted pastured pork from pigs living outdoors on grass and hazelnuts and raw milk you’ve not lived!!  Recovering vegans report this is their favorite meal!

piggie-circleMeet Our Hogs. They’re Pretty Special.
Our heritage breed hogs – Spotted Poland — are on a great big pasture with hazelnut trees in it. They eat all the nuts, and also get raw milk, whey and pastured chicken eggs 3X a week plus a non-gmo locally milled supplemental feed.

Spoiled rotten and well-fed, they come running every day for their milk and belly scratches, in that order (big fluffy guy on the left NOT available 🙂

What’s My Pig Gonna Cost Me?
We also sell pork by the 1/2 hog.

Half a hog is $5/lb. based on the hanging weight – after the hog is butchered, insides, head, legs removed, what’s left is the “hang weight.”

You select the cuts you want by talking directly with the butcher. You will take home about 72% of the hang weight in meat – so if a hog’s hang weight is 100 lbs. you will pay us $500 and take home about 75 lbs. of meat. You pay the butcher directly to cut/wrap/cure your meat. More questions? email me at champoegcreamery@gmail.com

Just try saying it out loud and feel how good it sounds, “gotta go pick up my half a hawg” and then enjoy the convenience of having a freezer full of melt in your mouth chops, ribs, ham and bacon.

What will I get in my 1/2 hog order?
There will be some variation depending on your discussion with the butcher and your preferences, so below is a rough idea:

Pounds — Item
13 — Pork chops 1″
3 — Spare Ribs
9 — Sausage/Ground meat in 1 lb packages
15 — Fresh Ham or brined/smoked
8 — Bacon
10 — Shoulder Roast
4 — Butt Pork Roast
5 — Stew Bones – good for dogs if you don’t make soup or stew
8 — Fat: you can render this or feed it to dogs or chickens
75 — Total pounds of cuts in the freezer

Purchase Pork (next pork available summer 2017)

1/2 Pig Deposit: $300 Whole Pig Deposit: $600

Get the free guide: How to use Bone Broth to Heal + Delicious Recipes and Troubleshooting Tips!
Yes, please!