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My inspiring “raw milk” sit-down with Mark McAfee thumbnail

You gotta see today's video. Doesn't matter if you produce raw milk or just drink it, you'll be inspired. Mark McAfee has been a raw dairy farmer for 20 years and is first and foremost a humanitarian.  That clearly shines through in this conversation we had this past spring where we were both speaking at a conference… Read More

Portland’s Most Popular and *Secret* Pickle Recipe! thumbnail

I found out an interesting bit of intel recently: Whaaaaat?? Yes, if you eat a burger at an upscale pub/restaurant in the city of Portland well then you've had this pickle recipe - because they all use the same one!! And, lucky you, I got my hands on it and am giving it to you… Read More

Can’t get raw milk?  The next best way to get probiotics in your diet! thumbnail

With our raw milk wait list growing daily and demand not letting up, I wanted to offer up another solution for getting more probiotics in your diet. (Remember, probiotics do fun things like heal your eczema, stop your bloating, help you lose weight, cure your acid reflux and colitis, improve diabetes - and so much… Read More

Bone Broth Now in Our Farm Store! thumbnail

Have you ever awakened in the morning, groggy and bleary eyed, tripped into the kitchen and reached for the coffee pot, desperately needing that life-giving liquid that transforms you from zombie-mom to a mostly-functioning human being… And then you’re struck with the most terrifying realization that you forgot to get more coffee beans. That’s it… Read More

Pulled Pork Recipe – Pastured, Hazelnut Fed Pigs thumbnail

With Father's Day coming I thought this would be a super meal for you to make for your dad, husband, son, or any other dad-like guy in your life.  We have lots of pork shoulder in our farm store just for the occasion! I don't know about your guy, but mine would love nothing more… Read More

Slow Roasted Pastured Chicken + order fresh chicken here thumbnail

In the last couple of years 2 of my 3 kids have moved out, left the nest, spread their wings.Going from cooking dinner for 5+ every night (with extra teenage boys for dinner often) to now just cooking for 3 has been a surprising downshift that I did not foresee. Used to be a whole… Read More

How to Overcome Anxiety with Real Food thumbnail

What will your doctor do if you tell them you’re anxious, overly stressed, jittery...depressed? Probably even before your words are all out of your mouth he will be filling in the prescription. And medication might be enough of a bandaid for you. Or, like most people, you might feel like something’s missing... like your doctor… Read More

6 Dangers of Bad Gut Bacteria thumbnail

Hey, this is Hayden the Microbiologist again.  I'm back this week talking about these bad guys you don't want in your gut. The more I learn about the bacteria living in my gut microbiome, the more I realize that I’m not in control at all - the trillions of little guys in my gut are… Read More

What gives kefir its magical healing powers? thumbnail

Alright, I may have fibbed a bit - kefir isn’t magic, it’s science!! But it sure seems magic from all of the health recovery stories I hear from customers coming into our farm store. Acid reflux - gone! Colitis - disappears! I just spoke at the Nutritional Therapy Conference this last weekend all about kefir… Read More

How to Revive your Kefir Grain thumbnail

If a miracle food exists it's kefir. And I'm not even legally allowed to sell it!!   (store-bought kefir is no substitute, BTW) But what I can do is get you a kefir grain, teach you to make your own, then add your healing stories to our repertoire. As my kefir grain grows you'll find one… Read More

Get the free guide: How to use Bone Broth to Heal + Delicious Recipes and Troubleshooting Tips!
Yes, please!