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Pulled Pork Recipe – Pastured, Hazelnut Fed Pigs

With Father’s Day coming I thought this would be a super meal for you to make for your dad, husband, son, or any other dad-like guy in your life.  We have lots of pork shoulder in our farm store just for the occasion!

I don’t know about your guy, but mine would love nothing more than a big pile o’ meat on his plate for dinner every night, so this recipe made with one of our Hazelnut-Fed-Pork-Roasts fits the bill.

But first, did you know…

Pampered pigs taste better

Charlotte Smith Farm 01354If you’ve never had pulled pork from pastured pigs you’re in for a treat!!  We pamper these guys, we truly love and care for every animal we have.  It’s so fulfilling to raise them up and see them happy and playing their whole lives.  And that care is reflected in the deep, intense, rich flavor.

It is ALWAYS on the top of our minds that we are in the meat producing business and slaughtering animals is a not so fun but mandatory part of that.  I assume if you’re reading this you are a meat eater, so to be full of integrity I think It’s important we all seek out happy farms producing happy meat, in this case pork.

Many scientific studies have been done on the health benefits of pastured pork vs. the dangers of confinement pork.

Pastured meats shift your energy

The research studies that have not yet been carried out in the scientific community are equally important, in my opinion.  Those are the studies we do here on our farm with our customers who shop here everyday and report how their life “energy” shifts when they eat products that are raised humanely.

I’m not sure how to quantify this so I don’t even try.  But know that when you are a conscientious eater, eating animals who were raised in a manner that allows them to fully express their innate being, or honoring the “pig-ness” of a pig as Joel Salatin puts it, then you and I have given the ultimate respect and honor to these animals that sustain us.

Eating with honor and respect

And it changes you and I when we eat our meals with honor and respect for the whole process – from the humans who cared for them, processed them, the animals themselves, and even the vegetables that were harvested.

It also changes how you eat – formerly mindless, our meals now involve lots of discussion on the care that went into each ingredient raised here on the farm. Even my 9-year old can tell you every step involved in making sure the milk is safe, the meat is healthy, and the animals healthy.

Our lives revolve around our animals and providing for you.

Now back to the recipe – give the video a look – I always get emails from people saying they were intimidated to try it until they watched the video and I made it look non-intimidating and even easy… it is!!



My parents gave my husband and I a Traeger grill for Christmas one year so it’s made our meat-cooking a breeze, but even if you don’t have a smoker, you can still do this on your grill.

I also make it in the crock pot and the oven.  Just depends on my mood at the moment and the weather outside, but I’m here to tell you that you can’t go wrong whichever way you cook it!

I do hope you try this recipe – leave me a comment below and tell me if you’re going to make this or, if not, what ARE you making your pops/dad/grandpa/guy for Father’s Day?  Would LOVE to hear!If you’re the dad reading this – what is it you want cooked for you next Sunday?  I need some ideas, too!!

Thank you SO much for reading, sharing, commenting, and seeking out pastured pork – you make a difference in our world – and the life of a hog – when you do.

Much love and happy barbecuing!


PS you can also order your own 1/2 hog and have your own freezer full of pork! 

Just a few shots from our Pig Palace:

Charlotte Smith Farm 01301 Charlotte Smith Farm 01328







Charlotte Smith Farm 01216Charlotte Smith Farm 01283




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  • Gavin Dinnel June 15, 2016, 11:03 pm

    Charlotte –

    Great job! My wife always tells me that our Traeger was one of our best investments, and pulled pork is easily one of my favorites to do from our own pigs as well.
    I hope that people take advantage of the pork shoulders at the farm store and do this as well, it’s SOOO good!

    • Charlotte Smith June 20, 2016, 8:25 pm

      Glad you have a traeger, too, it makes meat taste so great! Looking forward to meeting you on the 1st, too!

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Get the free guide: How to use Bone Broth to Heal + Delicious Recipes and Troubleshooting Tips!
Yes, please!