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– Heal Yourself and Your Family With Farm Fresh Foods –

Many women walk  through our farm store door with a list of foods their doctor told them (or their children) to avoid… Frustrated that the doctor couldn’t help and then when you’re told food is causing illness it’s counter-intuitive.  On a subconscious level our bodies know that food should not cause illness.

So what’s the problem?

Again, your intuition has probably already been sounding off that something is not right with food products bought in the store. Meat & milk from the store is from animals fed a diet that causes inflammatory symptoms in your body.

We began raising pastured meat, milk and eggs after we switched to a traditional foods diet 11 years ago and within weeks my children healed from severe and debilitating eczema.

We believe that by changing your diet you can improve your health significantly, or achieve what’s called “perfect immunity” in some cases.

We believe it because we see it every day in our Farm Store when our customers share their own personal stories of healing.

That’s why we do what we do.  Due to our remarkable and unparalleled grass pastures, our robust, vigorous animals provide the highest level of nutrition you can find anywhere.

Due to my commitment to our land, animals and customers, I was honored recently to be named one of the Top 25 Most Influential Women in the World in Food and Agriculture by Food Tank.

Take a look around the site, get to know us, and drop in sometime or email so I can get to know you!

Farming in your service,

xo Charlotte

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Get your free guide: How to Brine, Roast & Carve the Perfect Holiday Turkey!
Yes, please!